After we find your vehicle. Presently, it should be sent with no scratches or other harm. To begin with, we elect the best shipment alternatives: open or enclosed tow truck, vehicle transporter, ship or plane – we generally offer a few expense and quality alternatives. Once the decision has been made, our coordinators will make arrangements masters to ship your vehicle.

At each stage, we will incorporate a report with photographs, so that our client is constantly informed on the status of their vehicle’s shipment. For the term of transportation, the vehicle will be dependably ensured from any dangers, and we will deal with all protection related issues.

VIP has been working with reliable transporters for numerous years and makes its conveys on a turnkey premise.

How to Choose a Mode of Shipment

The decision of shipment mode relies upon numerous factors, beginning with the vehicle's location and how far it should be shipped.

Is the most ideal alternative for dispatching over short and medium separations (over Russia, the CIS, and Europe). Thusly, your vehicle is totally secured from scratches and components. It is the most secure delivering alternative that will put the client’s psyche at ease.
are the most savvy shipment choices for conveyances inside Russia, the CIS, furthermore, Europe. On the off chance that you pick this choice, your vehicle can be moved either independently or combined.
is the fastest mode of shipment over medium and long distances. However, it costs more than transportation by land. Nonetheless, it is the best option if you need to ship a rare car quickly from another continent.
Shipment Process Explained

Once a mode of shipment has been selected, the forwarder picks up your car from the supplier and checks its condition, recording all the technical nuances in the documentation.

Then, your car is safely transported to a logistics operator. At all stages, our staff monitors the process of loading your car, whether by car carrier, tow truck, airplane, or ferry.

Shipment Process Explained

Another specialist receives the car, making sure that it remained unscathed during the journey. Once the vehicle has arrived, our manager discusses the place and time of issue with the customer.

The entire process is transparent: you can find out about the location and technical condition of your car at any point. Each stage of shipment is recorded in a special report supplemented with photos compiled by an independent company.


If you are interested in a car that is available in stock or in the nearest supply, we will send you a commercial offer, as well as any other information requested about the car.



Do cars have COC certificates (Certificate of Conformity)?

Cars in Russia do not have a certificate of conformity. If you need a COC, we’ll help you get it.